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''One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.''

Jim runs most of his trips through Yoga Explorers the company that he co-created in 2008. 2016 saw Jim leaving the company in his role a co-chair to concentrate again on his studies/practice but he will still be running many of his trips through the company.

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Yoga Breaks with Jim 2019/20

Gayles Immersion Retreat - March 
Morrocco Yoga Holiday - Jim and Khadine – April 2020 (with Yoga Explorers)
Yorkshire Yoga Break - May 2020 (with Yoga Explorers)
Eco-Yoga Scotland -  September 2020 (with Yoga Explorers)

Teachers CPD retreat in Normandy- Jim and Khadine - October 2020

















Mimi Spencer, author The Fast Diet (5:2)

"I've been doing yoga with Jim for years now, so a week with Yoga Explorers in Marrakech was a total treat from beginning to end. Jim's approach to yoga has a genuine sense of curiosity, exploration and progression, no matter what your level of experience. I reckon it's chicken soup for the soul, the body and the mind. Heaven. Counting the days till Italy!"


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